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Hoffy's Burpee Challenge

Exercised Mind Games Away

After a day of bad head space yesterday, today i was in a much better place. Two bootcamp sessions and a 10 km walk with hubby got me in a better head space. .Blitz my 6 week fitness test and today since starting hoffys and round 3 2011 iv lost 95cm and 39 kilos. Best of all though was my calorie burn for today. Im getting closer to my final goal of loosing half of me. yeah loving the journey


Ok are we ready spaghetti go. TOUGH MUDDER Is only 16 sleeps away. Whose ready for the time of their life. I think our awesome team are ready and chomping at the bit. Tuesday night we had a great tough mudder training night . Lots of bruising but we survived.

Missed a mini goal b y 200grams

Well i can t complain i am definately winning my own journey. As of wenesdays weigh in I have lost 39kilo since the start of round 3 2011.  My main goal is to loose half of me. So todate i am 39 kilos down and 22 to go to reach my goal.  But on the way i have set little goals. This weeks was to be 85 at check in for the end of my bootcamps 6 week challenge.  I weighed  in at 85.2 . 200 grams from my goal thats just a twinkle.  well now re focus on my next goal and thats to be 80kg by the time i start on the starting blocks of tought mudder..  Can i say that I am loving my journey.