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Tree Top Adventure What a Work Out

Yesterday myself and a group of wonderful girls i train with went on an adventure to Belgrave Tree Top Climb.  OMG what a day and what a workout.

This is an unforgettable tree top obstacle course through the dandenongs tree tops in Belgrave Vic We soared through the trees like giant bats lol. There were three levels of difficulty beginners 4meters adults 15metres and black diamond run 15m which included a 100m flying fox. We spent a total of 2 hours flying through the sky it was sensational. This is an experience i would recommend to anybody. I spent the first half of the first coarse with that much adreniline running through me. A tough challenge but a great one.

Round 3 2012 Finale Party Oh What A Night

ON Saturday Night we all had a blast at the end of round finale party.  This is a must do even at the end of the 12 weeks for any 12wbters that have not attended one.  My first finale party i found inspirational and was what motivated me in round one this year.

This finale i had a girls weekend away with my beautiful daughter alicia aka baby tought mudder.  The two of us had an absolute ball. Thank you miss for putting on a great evening.

We started of on saturday morning up and early 6am for a 730am arrival at the workout. I decided this year to put back something into the program and be a volunteer instead of doing the workout. On arrival met splash and of we went preparing water around the venue for all those thirsty peeps during the workout.  It was great watching from the outside how hard everybody was working but at the same time huge smiles one everybodys faces.

The finale work out is a great morning with so much to do. I competed in the fitness challenge once again and won my …