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Tree Top Adventure What a Work Out

Yesterday myself and a group of wonderful girls i train with went on an adventure to Belgrave Tree Top Climb.  OMG what a day and what a workout.

This is an unforgettable tree top obstacle course through the dandenongs tree tops in Belgrave Vic
We soared through the trees like giant bats lol. There were three levels of difficulty beginners 4meters adults 15metres and black diamond run 15m which included a 100m flying fox. We spent a total of 2 hours flying through the sky it was sensational.
This is an experience i would recommend to anybody. I spent the first half of the first coarse with that much adreniline running through me. A tough challenge but a great one.


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Weekend With The Girls

Two weeks ago i went to brisbane to a cow boy themed wedding with two of my special friends. What a hoot. But who would have imagined 6 months ago that i would ever pic a costume to wear like this one
Just amazing i still have to pinch myself now and then. When my girlfriend chose our outfits i said no way. But on the night i loved the outfit and cant believe i wore the same size as my skinny girlfriends. When i got home i started comparing my before and after pics with this one and this is what i came up with.
This weekend away was not only a normal weekend away for me. I got so much out of it. I found the new me and felt so confident something that i had not felt in a long time.  I would never imagined ever wearing anything like this. Thank you so much #michelle bridges.  i am now living and not just existing.


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Exercised Mind Games Away

After a day of bad head space yesterday, today i was in a much better place. Two bootcamp sessions and a 10 km walk with hubby got me in a better head space. .Blitz my 6 week fitness test and today since starting hoffys and round 3 2011 iv lost 95cm and 39 kilos. Best of all though was my calorie burn for today. Im getting closer to my final goal of loosing half of me. yeah loving the journey