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I saw this post yesterday and just love everything about it. It goes with everything i believe. This journey is forever and it has to be sustainable. Its forever. I am also a massive believer that you cannot out train a bad diet.
A bit of chocolate on Easter Bunny day is not going to set back your goals unless you go on a long weekend hot cross buns and easter egg binge.
Also i doubt if you would put on 2 or 3 kg for having a couple of eggs or hot cross buns if you are training the right way and you have built a healthy metabolism.
I believe that we need to enjoy special days as long as we keep them in to days and not extend them into weeks and months.
(The time of year has come where Facebook is flooded with posts about how much sugar chocolate has, how many calories your favourite Easter egg has, and how long it's going to take to burn it off. Of course, it's a great idea for our health not to consume too much added sugars in our diet. However, all these posts do is create…