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When you go on holiday your 12wbt plan shouldn't

Last weekend I went away on an amazing weekend and stayed on track .  When going on holidays your diet doesnt need to go on a diet either. You dont need to let your diet slip.   We all put a lot of hard work into our clean eating and exercise regime so we cant let a few days break set us back.

If you plan your camp diet right making sure your food intake is pre organised then being out enjoying nature should not be a reason to run of the rails. It all comes back to being organised like a boy scout be prepared.  I just got back from 4 days fwd in the snow  bbbrrr it was freezing.  Some tips i did to be organised. I pre organised my dinners in tupperware containers and froze them before hand. So i just had to grab them out of the esky and heat on the campfire.  pumpkin bean curry/ Penang Chicken and bunless burgers yummo.

Because we had a long weekend with lots of outdoor activities included the first meal of the day had to be packed full of energy. So for breaky I had porriage. How thing…

My 12wbt journey has pieces like a jigsaw puzzle

I have done my inspiration board like a jigsaw puzzle because my 12wbt journey to date has been step by step like a puzzle. Each piece builds on the last one, and only when i have completed the whole puzzle will i see the end result. Which is the best version of me.

Each piece of the puzzle is needed to complete the whole picture. I cant lose weight if i dont exercise and eat clean. These are very special and important pieces to my puzzle. My 12wbt journey has been fun and satisfying just like doing the puzzle. The harder you work on the puzzle the quicker it will be completed and sometimes i have had to move pieces around to fit. It has also been frustrating because I haven't been able to find the correct piece and nothing seemed to fit. We all know how frustrating weight loss can be, some weeks 12wbt just does not seem to fit.

When all the pieces are in place, the puzzle is complete and there is an end result and success. When you finish a jigsaw puzzle you feel a sense of ahh, a…

Nearly the Start

Woo Hoo Only one sleep till round 2 begins. I can't wait. Since the big finale night i have trained everyday but have slacked a bit on the food and drink side of things. I haven't eaten out of control just been out celebrating over the two weeks. I had the last family catch up today and had a lovely healthy lunch out. So tomorrow back to 100% clean 12wbt menu eating,no alcohol and lots of water. i have proved to myself between the two rounds i have been able to live and maintain my weight yeah. Thats was my between rounds goal to maintain.

  My trainer is back as of 6am tomorrow so im so excited its like christmas eve. Sounds weird i know but its so true. I would like the wish all the 12wbters out there a wonderful and successful 12 weeks.


My Commitment oh my oh my This one has been hard this round and taken me a week and a lot of self discovering and sole searching to come up with my commitment for Round 2. After having such a successful round 1 I have found it hard to work out my goals and commitments for this round. I have mentally found it hard not knowing how to back up the last round. But here goes. My commitment this round is to my self, my scales and my daughter. My commitment is to stick to the program once again 100% and to vanish my last 12 kilos. That would make it a total 66 kilos in 3 rounds. This means that i have lost over half of me. The most important committment this round is to my daughter Alicia aka Baby Tough Mudder. She lost 22 kilos last round doing what i do but was not a 12wbt member. My committment is to keep her focused and on track and be beside her every step of the way. So she can succeed this round and feel as good as i feel. I owe this to her, because i feel and know in the bottom o…