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Sorry havent been on herre for a week been flat out with work, family, bootcamp. But alls good.  Had a great burn day today . Two bootcamp sessions and work.
Sorry have missed a few days. I have to remember to wear my hrm everyday.  But today I did 6am bootcamp and then worked till 4 and then did a 10k walk with some fantastic friends.

What a whopper after a Hoffy Session in the morning followed by 1000 steps after lunch . Worked all day then came home and did all my house work. pooped

Completed two hoffy bootcamp sessions this morning with great calorie intake yeah .

I did my sss day today. started with bootcamp at intensity at 6am. Then had a lovely walk in the after noon with a great friend.  Then backed it up with a second bootcamp session tonight. Smashed my 1 k run at 7min12sec and finished it off with burpee challenge practice doing 200 burpees

Today theirs…

Task 5 My Commitment

Today I make a committment to myself, my family, my trainer, Michelle Bridges
and my scales. I will begin by being positive and not using words like may be, I will try and I hope. These are all negative words that are not part of my committment.
My committment is to vanish another 25kg's from now until the end of this 12wbt. When I achieve this I will have lost half of myself physically but gained it back mentally.

I will achieve this committment by being 100% dedicated to my daily exercise routine & trusting my trainer. I will follow the menu 100% and I will be accountable for my actions. I have asked myself if I honestly and truley want to loose weight and the answer was one big YES. So I am committing to my 12wbt journey.

I will no longer subject my husband, my children and myself to the sub quality of life that I have now realised we have been living in the past. To committ to this I have had to do some self discovering, and a shift in my focus has been needed.

I will commit …
Woo Hoo how things have changed. Before my healthy journey began my hubby wanted to ride the warby trail on our push bikes. We took them to Lakeside Pakenham and i couldn;t even make it twice around the lake. So unhealthy unfit and no interest. Yesterday for our 21st wedding anniversary we road the Warburton Trail 34kms  1023 calories in under 2 hours.  The best thing about it was i didn't get of and push once. How life has changed . I realise now what I have been missing out of being fat and unhealthy.
Good Morning Everybody,

Photo shoot time at bootcamp. On Wednesday night our 12wbt group Hoffys 12wbt Bitches had a before group pic done. I can't wait to see everybody transformation at the end of the 12 weeks. It's great having the support and motivation fro such a fantastic group of friends.

I stayed up late last  night doing a project for my bootcamp trainer Hoffy. She wanted us to give her our fat photos. So I did two pages one of photos before is started intensity and round 3 2011 12wbt and then photos that have been taken of me since the end of the last round.  Let me know what you all think.  Why don't we see the changes in ourselves. I still feel like I haven't changed. Except my wardrobe falls of me and I know have that much energy its not funny.

ROUND 1 2012 BEGINS Hi Everybody, Well Its up up and away. Pre season task has just opened and are we all excited or what. Last night was like Christmas Eve for me.  I was like a little kid in bed  and couldn't sleep.  Today I reached my first goal for the season and that was to be 95 Kg at pre season start up.  Yippee i made it.  Even though this is my second round I am more excited than the last round. I know I have enourmouse goals to achieve in this round and that I just have to get down and work my butt of. No excuses..
MY PRE SEASON PRE SEASON I have been getting extra organised pre pre season. Besides make clean food choices from Mish's recipes.  I have changed something around the home.  I have turned our 2nd lounge area into a gym. Yes the couch and furniture is stored under the house and now i have a treadmill, ab circle pro, kettle bells, boxing bag, Skipping rope and vibrating machine in its place. TV is still in there. I acctually watch the tennis this afternoon wh…

Day One Of The Rest Of My Life

Hi to my 12wbt family and friends.  Well after hours of frustration and lots of help from a few forum friends I think I am about to post my first blog.  Yippe. I am so not tech savey at all so here goes.

Welcome My name is Heidi and I wanted to start blogging to keep myself accountable. Sort of like a daily diary. So this is Day one of the rest of my life.   I live in Cockatoo Victoria and I am a 42 year old wife and mother of 3 lovely kiddies and a Nana of my scrumdiddlyumptious grandson Cooper. Cooper has filled a hole in my heart I didn't know existed. Anyway enough of my Nana bragging. 

Before I started 12wbt I was a very unfit and unhealthy 120kg 42 year old who couldn't even walk 100 meters without having to stop to catch my breath.  If I kept up with this life style I would not have had the chance to watch Cooper grow up to be an adult. I could not do that to him.   A very special friend (SM you know who you are) had started exercising at a bootcamp and Inspired me to do …