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Hi Everybody, Well Its up up and away. Pre season task has just opened and are we all excited or what. Last night was like Christmas Eve for me.  I was like a little kid in bed  and couldn't sleep.  Today I reached my first goal for the season and that was to be 95 Kg at pre season start up.  Yippee i made it.  Even though this is my second round I am more excited than the last round. I know I have enourmouse goals to achieve in this round and that I just have to get down and work my butt of. No excuses..

I have been getting extra organised pre pre season. Besides make clean food choices from Mish's recipes.  I have changed something around the home.  I have turned our 2nd lounge area into a gym. Yes the couch and furniture is stored under the house and now i have a treadmill, ab circle pro, kettle bells, boxing bag, Skipping rope and vibrating machine in its place. TV is still in there. I acctually watch the tennis this afternoon while on my treadmill.

I am far but a green finger. But last week I actually built a herb garden. Just a little one to start to see if I can look after them and make them grow.  Alot of the recipes have fresh herbs. So now i have herbs on hand.

I have put a motivation poster on my fridge door.  It has all the fat photos pre round 3 of me. OMG they are horrible.  I must never have looked in the mirror before I started 12wbt.  I don't think i will look in it again till the end of this round actually.  

The freezer. Organisation was a hugh part of my success in the last round. So this round to achieve my goal I have to be organised even more. I work full time and we have 2 businesses so i must be prepared. This morning i went to retra vision and ordered a small freezer. This is mums freezer hungry teenagers to stay out.  I found last season i had a cook up on a sunday arvo and made a lot of meals that  I could freeze. So when i have a late night shift I have meals on hand instead of going the easy option and eating dirty food.

Well I have to go for now. Im feeling absolutely fantastic today.  But I have to go to Intensity training now for my workout. I will pop back later tonight and check in wit my calories burnt for the session.


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