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i am doing this post for my own mindset lesson. Thought it would be good to look back on  my journey so i never slip up and go back to those figures on those scales

11TH Feb Another great week

4th Feb woo hoo in the 70;s

28th March Changed my nail polish finally

21st March woo hoo 1.8 kg down but think its time to change my nail polish lol

14th March you got to be happy with that 2.1 kilos this week

Woo Hoo another kilo to the universe
07th March 2012

29th February week 3

22nd February Week 2

Start of pre season


I did two bootcamp sessions yesterday one at 6am and the weather was great we even got a really pretty sunrise.

730pm was a different story all together.  It rained and it rained an it rained. We rolled around in the wet muddy sand for an hour. But it was ace fun. The few of us that battled the weather had a ball.


Well what a weekend. Crammed pack with exercise and adventures how my lifes changed. Started of friday night after tea and hubby said lets take the dogs for a walk so 10kms later we get home at 1030pm.

Up bright and early on saturday morning to be at bootcamp at 730 for a double session an hour of boxing and then an hour of hill work. The walk the 11 kms home. Burnt 1741 calories for my sss session,

Backed this up at 8am Sunday morning by doing my first ever fun run. Did the cardinia 5kms fun run and did it in under 40min. (still waiting on official times to be released). I had so much fun .I enjoyed it that much came home and registered for the puffing billy fun run in May this is my new goal for the end of 12wbt and after tough mudder and burpee challenge
While having dinner last night i said to my hubby what did we used to do 5 months ago before exercise became such a large part of our lives.  He answered nothing we did nothing.  Id like to thank both my trainer and 12wbt for making m…

Couch to 220 Burpees in 5 Months

Actually getting my but of the couch and actually starting was the hardest part.
and to think that i nearly gave up before i started. I have gone from spending
all my spare time on the couch and replacing it with new habits. I didnt want
a quick short term fix I wanted a fitness and nutrition plan that I could live with
 for the rest of my life. My couch was a bad behaviour and routine, I now realise
that we develop bad habits and they are not in us from birth

Before I started 12wbt I was a very unfit and unhealthy 125kg 42 year old
who couldn't even walk 100 meters without having to stop to catch my breath.
 If I kept up with this life style I would not have had the chance to watch my
grand son Cooper grow up to be an adult. I could not do that to him. 5 months
ago i made a choice that has changed my life for ever. I can still remember the
first day I went to training. I was so scared when I walked down those steps.
My palms were sweating and my heart racing and I hadn't eve…


Dinner tonight 03rd June 2012

Beef with Advocado and Lime Salsa.

Cajun Chicken with Sweet Potatoe Chips and Baby spinach and advocado salad.  Yummy


HI Everyone Easter is only 8 weeks away and those yummy chocolate eggs are filling our supermarket shelves. Easter has always been my most favourite and weakest time of the year. I just can't resist Easter Egg Chocolate. Its delicious. Being the organised person I am I usually buy them in advanced for the kiddies and then eat them and then bye them again and then eat them again b4 the big day. YUMMY. So Easter 2012 is going to be different. I'm making a promise to myself that I am not going to eat an Easter egg at all leading up to the big day. I'm going to say NO to Easter Eggs at least until Easter Sunday Morning itself. Then I may have a very small one to reward myself for being so strong. I am also going to reward myself for Easter with a day spa as a treat for being so strong. Remembering that every food choice I make will get me either a step further or closer to my weight loss goal.

Whose going to join me in my "Lets all say NO to Easter Egg Campaign" and wha…


Early hours of Sunday morning we headed of to Wonga Park for Tough Mudder Training. With an 8am start all of my team mates and husband we arrived all excited.  We all have different fears and goals and this was going to test those fears before the Tough Mudder in Match.  
The obstacles brought our fears to the surface cause tears and laughter.

As a team we climbed, crawled, lifted and pushed each other thru the coarse and we all completed it as a team.  The satisfaction of completing the coarse was great and i walked around buzzing for the rest of the day.