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Couch to 220 Burpees in 5 Months

Actually getting my but of the couch and actually starting was the hardest part.
and to think that i nearly gave up before i started. I have gone from spending
all my spare time on the couch and replacing it with new habits. I didnt want
a quick short term fix I wanted a fitness and nutrition plan that I could live with
 for the rest of my life. My couch was a bad behaviour and routine, I now realise
that we develop bad habits and they are not in us from birth

Before I started 12wbt I was a very unfit and unhealthy 125kg 42 year old
who couldn't even walk 100 meters without having to stop to catch my breath.
 If I kept up with this life style I would not have had the chance to watch my
grand son Cooper grow up to be an adult. I could not do that to him. 5 months
ago i made a choice that has changed my life for ever. I can still remember the
first day I went to training. I was so scared when I walked down those steps.
My palms were sweating and my heart racing and I hadn't even done any
exercise yet. At this stage I had to either fight or flight. Fight the fear of exercise
or flight and run away there and then. Well thank god I picked fight. I have fought
of over 30 kilos and have loved every bit of the journey so far. 30 down and 30
 to go.

How fare have I come. Tonight under 6 months later I did burpee practice
and pumped out 220 burpees at burpee practice after doing my second bootcamp
session for the day. If only I had done this when I was in my 20's . It saddens
me cause i now realise that I waisted the last 20 years of my life because of my
 weight and fitness. I have missed out on the last 20 years and now I have to make
up for it big time.

5 months ago i struggled to walk my bin out and to do 5 burpees and now I
do 6 bootcamp sessions a week, swim and do the thousand steps twice a week,
 walk 11ks home from bootcamp once a week and pump out 220 burpees on
wednesday night for burpee practice. I have booked into my first fun run in may,
 Tough Mudder in March and the most exciting accomplishment will be to do
burpees beside my trainer as she pumps out 1500 in April Just Amazing.

So when you exercise and feel like you are slow, unfit and cant do it just keep
 pushing forward, Its seems to happen over night. One day you will wake up
and go omg I am in the right head space, exercise is part of my daily routine
and i have improved so much. I thought i had a life before but it was only and


  1. I was going to write 'great story' .. but then I realised it's not a story, it's your new AMAZING life. I also am 42 and cannot imaging doing 20 burpees let alone 220 .. but I figure if you can do it, surely I can motivate/energise/get-off-the-couch and do it too.

    Thanks for the motivation.


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