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My Goal Round 2 Achieved & loved the round with you beside me

Woo Hoo the round is coming to an end and what a round it has been. After such an awesome round 1 2012 i sat and reflected my first two rounds and t thought to myself how the hell am i going to back up that round. I decided round 2 2012 was not about me it was time to pay it forward. It wasnt about my fitness or my own journey but about being the best mother i could be. I had somethings from the past i had to repair.

So my goal for round 2 was to help my daughter on her 12wbt journey so she could feel as good as I do. Today I can say I have never been more proud of anything like i am of my daughter leashy at the moment. When i dedicated myself for 12 weeks in round one i didnt realise what was about to happen. Ive achieved amazing results but nothing as good as watching my daughter vanish before my eyes but grow in so many ways. Im so proud as a mother of her determinations and self belief. I have achieved and succeeded in turning around the bad habits that i taught my children as th…