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This morning i feel from the effort of yesterdays training. On the 28th of October a group of 4 of us our participating in the 30ks kakoda Challenge Over Mount Dandenong, So yesterday we did our first big training session or it.  We did 20ks of the 30k walk. During the challenge they give you  9 hours to compete the challenge and yesterday our fantastic team completed 20ks in just under 5 hours. Got to be happy with that.   Leg burn like i have never felt leg burn before. The hills were a killer but the weather was kind and this morning my legs are definately letting me now they are alive and didnt agree with the torture i pervailed on them yesterday.

But in the Kakoda spirit the 4 of us completed our mission for the day. I bit confused though lol helen and I wore our polars and she burnt 500 cal more than I what is that. All in all a great day with great friends.

On sunday 28th of October 4 of us from Intensity Helen, Lisa, Mr Grey and myself are going to do the Kakoda Challenge in Mount Dandenong. In the Kokoda Spirit we will trek the tough 30km course through the Dandenong Ranges. Anybody wanting to join us please feel free to register.

Starting in Ferntree Gully National Park, the route encompasses the Kokoda Memorial Walk and tests your stamina on the 1000 steps.

To compete each team must raise $400. So with the help of Intensity and Julie we are hoping to raise beyond this amount. Any $$$ amount above $400 that we raise we will be donating to Heart Kids. So if you want to get on board you can sponsor us via julie.

The $400 funds raised go to supporting the Melbourne Kokoda Challenge Youth Program – assisting young people to reach their full potential.

So if you want to get onboard and help us raise money for Melbourne Youth Program and Heart Kids please do so. You can hop online and go to 

and go to the team names intensity and make a donation. All donations are tax deductable.

You are also welcome to join us on the challenge you can register at — with Lisa-Maree Stevens and Helen Booth.
 — with Helen Booth and Lisa-Maree Stevens.


  1. Good luck on the challenge it's always good to challenge yourself and better if it's for a good cause, I know you and your friends will achieve your goals stay safe.

  2. Thanks patrick it will be a tough call its the day after stampede but im sure we will be fine have done lots of training

  3. OMG Heidi you're doing Stampede the day before you are a machine...
    It was one of the reasons I didn't look into this further due to already signing up to Stampede when I discovered it. Good Luck not that you will need it as you train hard and have shown us again and again you are definitely capable of everything :)

  4. thank you so much . Its going to be a hard call backing up stampede with kakoda. But we have been training pretty hard have done the kakoda trek a few times and hopefully at least 3 more times before the day

  5. My Australian friend has told me about the Kokoda trial. Must be one of the ultimate tough mudder training grounds!


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