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Saturday night would have had to be one of the most amazing evenings of my life. To share the evening with a venue full of so many positive and happy people was nothing but sensational. I never imagined 7 months ago that I would have won 12wbt overall. But 7 months ago there were lots of things i would not have imagined I would have been able to achieve. i stumbled through my first round of 12wbt, found my feet and got grounded. Still loosing 24 kilos. then i went to finale in Sydney in December 2011. I said to Julie my trainer after presentation Julie next finale i want to be on stage. I don't care if I don't win I just want to be up there. That was my goal for Round 1 this year a goal i never thought i would achieve. I had to become the most mentally strong person i could to achieve that goal. I found strength i didnt even know i had and my favourite word became no. No i don't want that pizza, no i'm not going to stay in bed cause its raining no no no.

Since starting my journey there are so many things i have achieved.
i won 12wbt Top transformation Round 1 2012
i have donated 57 kilos to the universe
I have gone from a size 22 to a size 10 to 12 (in between at the moment)
Lost my chest (gone from 20dd to a 12b)
I have become fitter and stronger
I have found a life instead of an existence
I now have some of the most amazing people in my life
I have learnt that i am my only excuse
I completed Tough Mudder in March 2012
Puffing Billy 13km Fun Run
Hoffy's Burpee Challenge
Mothers Day Classic
Pakenham Fun Run

My journey began in September 2011 when i was about to become a nanna, when i registered to do my first rounds of 12wbt and when I began to exercise at Intensity Health and Fitness for the first time in my life. A day that i will never forget.

Before I started 12wbt I was a very unfit and unhealthy 124kg 42 year old who couldn't even walk 100 meters without having to stop to catch my breath. If I kept up with this life style I would not have had the chance to watch my grandson Cooper grow up to be an adult. I could not do that to him. A very special friend of mine Danni had just started going to Intensity Health in Emerald. I can still remember the first day I went to training. I was so scared when I walked down those steps. My palms were sweating and my heart racing and I hadn't even done any exercise yet. At this stage I had to either fight or flight. Fight the fear of exercise or flight and run away there and then. Well thank god I picked fight. I have fought of 57 kilos of in 7 months and have loved every bit of the journey so far.

The 12wbt program works. You stick to it 100% and not only will the kilos fall of you but you will become a fitter healthier and happier person. I would like to thank Mish and the 12wbt team for supplying me with the amazing tools and support to transform my world. I started in Round 3 2011 and lost 24 kilos including pre season. I had never succeeded at a weight loss journey before until I started the 12wbt . It taught me to take control of my health and fitness and to take full responsibility for what I was doing or not doing to my body. I learnt that it isnt easy to change how you live. There was blood sweet and tears.

The second person who i want to thank with all my heart is my trainer julie hoffmann. Julie through out my journey has been my inspiration, mentor and believer and without her i wouldn't be the person i am today. She believed in me from the start, when I didn't even believe in myself. She has taken me from an existence to a life that I can't wait to wake up for in the mornings. She has taught me that life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. If you get a chance take it and if it changes your life let it. She taught me that it wasn't going to be easy but it was going to be worth it and to JFDI. In fact it took tremendous courage, strength for me to look at my life and see where I had been going wrong and with the help of Hoffy, Mish, my amazing family and all my wonderful team mates at intensity I have been able to change directions.

I have gone from doing absolutely nothing in my life, to a life that is that full of excitment, friendship and happiness. I can't see how it could get any better, but I know it will. I have some fantastic goals in the months ahead that I will achieve. Some of those are to loose a few more kilos by the end of round 2 and my long term goal for later 2013 would be to do the kakoda trail. Something that i know is now possible.

At the start of this journey I had a long term goal to dismiss half my body weight (62 kgs) So only 5 to go. I have lost and found so many things so far on the way. I would like to thank everybody that has travelled with me on my journey and guided me. You are my rock and I love your all

If i can pass anything on to my fellow 12wbter's believe in yourself, your are your only excuse. Learn to say no to bad food and yes to clean food. Even if you change one thing everyday its a step closer. Every food choice you make gets you either closure or further from your weight loss goals Last but not least



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