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Believe and achieve happiness

Yesterday I got a message from another 12wbter that brought tears to my eyes. It actually made me realise where my journey started and how far i have come. How sad i was and how happy i am now.
The message was
(Your before pic looks just like me.So I watched you on ' you tube' and started crying so much.You are fantastic. I would love to be as successful as you in my weight loss.Well done .You make me now want to up my training to another level. THANK YOU).

My journey was successful because i was inspired by others and i set goals and achieving them. Achieving my goal was one of the most satisfying feeling i have ever felt. The feeling is that great i was thinking i want everybody here to achieve great results and feel that same feeling.

If you dont set goals you will not achieve anything because theres nothing there to achieve. i honestly believed when i started 12wbt that there was no way in this world that i could achieve what others had on this program. That i was not capable of changing my circumstances. Today i took my journey backwards and did some soul searching and found those original feelings terribly sad and shed a few tears. Please dont have these feelings these feelings deny you happiness a happiness that you would never have felt before in your life. Every single person on these forums are capable of that happy life.

You have to believe in yourself and what your capable of. If you believe in your goals you will reach them. Even if you have to start with baby steps and pick one thing every day to achieve. It doesnt matter what it is as long as you achieve it and you will feel fantastic. Its so much better than trying to achieve the world in a day and failing and feeling terrible about yourself. Whether today you say you will drink your two litres of water or you will eat clean or you will exercise for an hour. What ever it is believe you can do it and you will.

Please dont deprive yourself of a life of happiness anymore. Believe and you will achieve
Below is a small video of my story today because i want you all to feel happiness


  1. Wow... that brought a tear to my eyes. You have come so far and the happiness radiating out of you is very evident. I'm so happy for you that you've come so far and I hope you are so so so proud of yourself :)

  2. wow...i had a tear (or two) as well! What an amazing transformation, well done you x
    Hard work and dedication has paid off.
    You are my inspiration for Round 1, 2013...thank you x


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