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Dont Give In To Temptation

Temptation an evil word or a word we can learn from?
I have noticed around the forums the word givings in to temptation a few times so thought i giveyou my spin on it.\

If you eat that choc bicky or cake at work floating around dont beat yourself up we have all done this. Just make sure it does not have a rollar coaster effect. Pull it up here learn from it and move on.

There are a lot of possible triggers and this is where you have to dig deep very deep and find out what triggers you to do this. Why you are tempted in these situation. This journey is all about stripping back the layers and finding the real you. After a lot of sole searching at the start of my journey i found out that i gave into temptation for two reasons. bored and that i did not believe in the most important person to me and that is myself. But their are lots of reasons . Like stress, frustrations, boredom, no self belief,or just a short term loss of your goals.
Also a bit of values play a part in this. Ask yourself what are your own personal values and by giving into that temptation are you damaging those values.

Also think about what you are giving into. What the final destination of this temptation will be. I find if i ask myself if i eat that cake even though it will taste sensational at the time what will the end result (feeling be) be and will it be worth it. Follow the whole temptation process through. End result usually is your feelings guilt depressed failure . So will it be worth it.

Last but not least one of mish's favourite bits of advise YOUR WILLPOWER MUSCLE
This exercising your will power muscle hurts when you first use it but like all exercise it gets easier over time and when you do use it you will feel fantastic.

Learn from this little speed hump in your journey. Learn to say no to temptations and you will one day feel empowered by that simple word NO. Good luck this week and follow that road ahead because the destination is amazing

Have a good day everybody


  1. It really is about the journey and making life changes...

    Looking forward to seeing your re-vamped page - pink?

  2. Very true. I also like to think that I have to live what everyone at works has seen me preach. I am open about my goals and weightloss journey and everyone has seen the sacrifices I have made, so when they offer I know that it is expected pretty much that I will decline, so I do anyway. These people are proud of me for what I have achieved and I want to show them that I can and will complete this journey.

    They all comment "Well done" and "you are really strong" when I say no, so I have to keep doing it to prove them right and myself most of all. You are right, it is just a piece of cake or a chocolate so why bother. I just have a healthy alternative which I still find yum and join them anyway.


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